SMC LET-400 Primary Injection Meter Repair

June Company specializes in repairing the SMC LET-400, supported by a team of highly skilled technicians with extensive expertise in diagnosing and addressing issues that may affect the meter’s performance. Our repair services are characterized by meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the meter’s measurements remain accurate and reliable.┬áIn summary, the SMC LET-400 is a versatile and advanced electrical meter with capabilities for power quality analysis, energy measurement, waveform analysis, data logging, and communication. June Company’s dedication to precision, compliance, efficiency, and quality assurance makes us a trusted partner for repairing the SMC LET-400, ensuring that your electrical measurements remain accurate and dependable. To obtain further details, kindly complete our Service Request Form, and a service specialist will promptly assist you. To obtain further details, kindly complete our Service Request Form, and a service specialist will promptly assist you.


The SMC LET-400 is an advanced electrical meter crucial for testing in electrical systems. June Company excels in its repair with precision. Complete our Service Request Form for more details and swift assistance.


EuroSMC Repair

EuroSMC is a company specializing in manufacturing electrical test equipment primarily for the power utility, electrical contractor, and industrial sectors. Their products are designed to test, measure, and diagnose various components of electrical power systems to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency. Here are some key products offered by EuroSMC and their functionalities:
  1. Primary Injection Test Sets:
    • Used for testing the performance and calibration of protective relays, circuit breakers, and current transformers by injecting high primary currents. These tests ensure the correct operation of protective devices under fault conditions.
  2. Secondary Injection Test Sets:
    • Provide lower current outputs to test and calibrate protective relays and other secondary equipment without requiring high current levels. They are used for verifying the functionality of protection schemes and settings.
  3. Circuit Breaker Analyzers:
    • Devices designed to test and analyze the performance of circuit breakers, including timing tests, motion analysis, and contact resistance measurements. These analyzers ensure that circuit breakers operate correctly during fault conditions.
  4. Relay Test Sets:
    • Instruments used to test and calibrate protective relays in electrical power systems. They simulate various fault conditions to ensure relays respond accurately and protect the system as intended.
  5. Transformer Test Equipment:
    • Includes a range of test instruments for assessing the condition of power transformers. These tests include turns ratio, winding resistance, insulation resistance, and transformer oil testing to evaluate the health and performance of transformers.
  6. Insulation Testers:
    • Devices used to measure the insulation resistance of electrical equipment and systems. They help detect insulation degradation and prevent potential electrical failures.
  7. Ground Resistance Testers:
    • Instruments used to measure the resistance of grounding systems. Proper grounding is crucial for the safety and stability of electrical systems, and these testers ensure compliance with standards.
  8. Multifunction Test Sets:
    • Versatile test sets that combine multiple testing functionalities into a single device, such as primary and secondary injection, relay testing, and insulation testing. They offer comprehensive testing capabilities for various electrical components.
  9. Power Quality Analyzers:
    • Instruments designed to monitor and analyze power quality parameters, including voltage fluctuations, harmonics, power factor, and waveform distortions. These analyzers help identify and diagnose power quality issues that can affect equipment performance and reliability.
  10. Voltage Detectors and Phasing Sticks:
    • Safety devices used to detect the presence of voltage and verify the phase sequence in electrical systems. They ensure safe working conditions for personnel during maintenance and testing.
EuroSMC's products are essential for utilities, industrial facilities, and electrical contractors involved in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of electrical power systems. They help ensure the reliability, safety, and efficiency of electrical infrastructure and equipment.
SMC Repair


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