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Industrial Electronics Repair & Calibration

Most electronics repairs take 1-10 business days, 1-3 days NIST calibrations at no extra cost! If you need it fast, you came to the right place! Just fill out our Service Request form to begin the quick process

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From the electricity distributed to your facility to everything in your facility, we repair it…

Consistent Among Others

Through the years, June Company has continued to offer the same prices for over a decade as virtually every other facet of our lives has steeply risen.

Mission Statement

Our technicians and engineers promise to not only repair and calibrate your industrial electronics, they will be here after the repair in the event other issues may occur…

Growing Up

Our diversity among industrial field service, we have grown into drone inspection services for the utilities industry from aerial line transformers, to utility substations.

Expertise in:

Automation, Instrumentation, Process Controls

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