SCI 448 Hipot Tester Repair

June Company’s commitment to precision, safety, and efficiency makes us a trusted partner for the repair and calibration of the SCI 448, helping you maintain the highest standards of electrical safety in your operations.  To obtain further details, kindly complete our Service Request Form, and a service specialist will promptly assist you. The SCI 448 is a specialized electrical instrument known as a Ground Bond Tester or Ground Continuity Tester. Its primary function is to evaluate the integrity of the electrical ground connections in various devices, appliances, and electrical equipment. Grounding is a crucial aspect of electrical safety, as it helps prevent electrical shock and ensures the safe operation of electrical systems.


The SCI 448 Hipot tester, a specialized electrical instrument functioning as a Ground Bond Tester or Ground Continuity Tester, benefits from June Company’s commitment to precision, safety, and efficiency. As your trusted partner, we offer reliable repair and calibration services for the SCI 448, ensuring that you uphold the highest electrical safety standards in your operations. For more information, please complete our Service Request Form, and a service specialist will promptly assist you.



SCI Repair

SCI Ikonix is a company that offers a range of test and measurement instruments primarily focused on automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics testing. Some of their key products and their functionalities include:
  1. Automotive Test Equipment: SCI Ikonix provides various automotive test solutions including:
    • Battery Testers: Instruments used to test automotive batteries for capacity, voltage, and overall health.
    • Electrical System Testers: Devices that diagnose and test vehicle electrical systems, including charging systems, starters, and alternators.
    • Vehicle Diagnostics Tools: Tools for diagnosing vehicle faults and monitoring performance parameters using onboard diagnostics (OBD) protocols.
  2. Environmental Test Chambers: They offer environmental chambers for testing electronic components and devices under controlled temperature, humidity, and environmental conditions. These chambers ensure reliability and performance in various operating environments.
  3. Electrical Safety Testers: SCI Ikonix manufactures electrical safety testers used to verify the safety and compliance of electrical equipment with international standards and regulations. These testers perform insulation resistance, ground bond, and leakage current tests.
  4. Component and PCB Testers: Instruments designed for testing electronic components, printed circuit boards (PCBs), and assemblies for functionality, performance, and reliability. These testers help identify defects and ensure quality control in electronics manufacturing.
  5. Production Line Test Systems: SCI Ikonix provides automated test systems for production lines, enabling high-throughput testing and inspection of electronic products and components. These systems improve efficiency and ensure consistent product quality.
  6. Consumer Electronics Test Equipment: They offer test equipment tailored for testing consumer electronics devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology. These instruments verify functionality, performance, and compliance with industry standards.
  7. Custom Test Solutions: SCI Ikonix also develops customized test solutions to meet specific testing requirements and challenges in automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics sectors.
SCI Ikonix's products are essential for manufacturers, quality assurance teams, and service providers in ensuring the reliability, safety, and performance of electronic and automotive systems. They contribute to improving product quality, reducing manufacturing costs, and meeting regulatory requirements in various industries.
SCI Repair


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