HVI VLF-90CMF Hipot Tester Repair

June Company Industrial Services, service engineers, and electronic technicians offer professional HVI VLF-90CMF hipot tester repair service. In fact, we offer international repair and ISO calibration services for many models from many manufacturers of test equipment. To receive an HVI VLF-90CMF AC hi-pot tester repair service quotation, simply fill out the High Voltage Inc. Quick Quote form, and a knowledgeable customer service associate will respond to you as soon as possible.


June Company Industrial Services provides expert repair and ISO calibration for the HVI VLF-90CMF very low-frequency hi-pot tester. The HVI VLF-90CMF, designed for testing cables rated up to 50 kV, features a charging current and load capacitance meter, test dwell timer, and polarity indicating lights. To request a repair quotation, fill out the HVI Quick Quote Form, and a knowledgeable customer service associate will typically respond within an hour. Standard and rush High Voltage Inc. repair services, along with calibration, are available. Once your High Voltage Inc. VLF-90CMF hipot tester is received, a technician evaluates the instrument and provides a formal quotation upon approval. Subsequently, the electronics technician proceeds with disassembly, cleaning, troubleshooting, and repair. After repairs are performed, the electronics technician conducts load testing and calibration to manufacturer specifications. All HVI services are executed after customer approval, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.



High Voltage Inc. Repair

High Voltage, Inc. (HVI) manufactures a range of high voltage test equipment used for the testing and maintenance of electrical power systems and equipment. Their products are essential for ensuring the reliability and safety of electrical infrastructure. Here’s an overview of some key HVI products and their functions:

1. Hipot Testers

  • Description: High potential (hipot) testers are used to verify the insulation integrity of electrical devices by applying high voltage and checking for breakdowns.
  • Applications: Used in manufacturing, quality control, and maintenance of electrical equipment such as cables, transformers, and switchgear.
  • Popular Models: PTS Series, VLF-34E, VLF-60E
  • Features: AC and DC testing capabilities, compact designs, and user-friendly interfaces.

2. Very Low Frequency (VLF) Testers

  • Description: VLF testers are designed to test the insulation of high-voltage cables and other electrical equipment by applying a low-frequency AC voltage.
  • Applications: Commonly used for testing medium and high-voltage power cables, generators, and transformers.
  • Popular Models: VLF-34E, VLF-65CM, VLF-200CMF
  • Features: Lightweight and portable, suitable for field use, and able to conduct both withstand and diagnostic testing.

3. Tan Delta and Partial Discharge Testers

  • Description: These instruments measure the dissipation factor (tan delta) and detect partial discharges to assess the condition of electrical insulation.
  • Applications: Used for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of cables, transformers, and other high-voltage equipment.
  • Popular Models: TD-65E, TD-34E
  • Features: Accurate diagnostic capabilities, data logging, and analysis software.

4. Cable Fault Locators

  • Description: Equipment designed to locate faults in underground power cables.
  • Applications: Essential for utilities and service companies to quickly identify and repair cable faults, minimizing downtime.
  • Popular Models: CDS-36, CLi-20
  • Features: Precise fault location, rugged design for field use, and easy-to-operate.

5. AC and DC Hipot Testers

  • Description: Devices used to perform high-voltage testing on a wide range of electrical equipment.
  • Applications: Suitable for testing insulation strength and quality in cables, motors, switchgear, and transformers.
  • Popular Models: HPA Series, HPAK Series
  • Features: High accuracy, safety features, and versatile testing options.

6. Oil Dielectric Test Sets

  • Description: Instruments used to test the dielectric strength of insulating oils used in transformers and other electrical equipment.
  • Applications: Ensures the insulating oil meets safety and performance standards, preventing equipment failures.
  • Popular Models: OTS Series
  • Features: Portable and benchtop models, automated testing procedures, and comprehensive data reporting.

7. Resonant Test Systems

  • Description: Systems that generate high-voltage AC for testing very large capacitance loads such as power cables and large generators.
  • Applications: Used in testing and commissioning of large power systems.
  • Popular Models: HPA-R Series
  • Features: High power output, modular design, and precise control.
HVI Repair


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