BAUR Repair

Baur SSG 1500 Surge Voltage Generator Repair

To begin the process seamlessly, we’ve streamlined the request for a Baur SSG 1500 surge voltage generator repair quotation through our user-friendly Baur Quick Quote Form. By completing this form, you provide us with the necessary information to understand your specific requirements accurately. We prioritize swift and responsive customer service, and typically, you can expect a friendly customer service associate to respond to your inquiry within an hour.

We recognize that the urgency of equipment like the Baur SSG 1500 surge voltage generator may vary, so we offer both standard and rush repair service options, including ISO 17025 calibration. Upon receiving your Baur SSG 1500 surge voltage generator for repair, our skilled electronics technician will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and subsequently provide you with a formal repair quotation. It’s essential to note that all our services, including repairs and calibration, are carried out only after obtaining your explicit approval.

Our meticulous repair process involves disassembling the unit, performing thorough cleaning, troubleshooting, and making the necessary repairs to ensure its optimal functionality. Following the repair work, our electronic technicians subject the surge voltage generator to load testing and calibration, ensuring that it meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

When you entrust us with your Baur SSG 1500 surge voltage generator, you’re choosing a partner committed to delivering exceptional results and maintaining the peak performance of your equipment. Throughout the process, we prioritize transparency and your approval to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Baur SSG-1500 Repair

Repair and calibration services are available for the Baur SSG 1500 surge voltage generator. Fill the Baur Quick Quote Form for a prompt response. Standard and rush Baur repair service, along with ISO calibration, is offered. After receiving the unit for repair, an electronics technician evaluates and provides a formal quotation. Upon approval, the certified electronics technician disassembles, cleans, troubleshoots, and repairs the Baur surge voltage generator. Post-repairs, certified electronics technicians load test and calibrate the unit to manufacturer specifications. All Baur repair and calibration services are performed after customer approval.



Baur Repair

BAUR Repair


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