Hipotronics TDR 1170 Time Domain Reflectometer Repair

June Company Industrial Services offers expert repair and calibration service for the Haefely Hipotronics TDR 1170 time domain reflectometer. Please fill out our Quick Quote Form and a friendly customer service associate will respond within the hour in most cases!


Haefely Hipotronics TDR 1170 Repair

June Company Industrial Services provides expert repair and calibration for Hipotronics TDR 1170 time domain reflectometer. Fill out the Quick Quote Form for a quotation; a response is usually within an hour. Standard and rush services, along with calibration, are available. Upon receiving your device, a technician evaluates, quotes, disassembles, cleans, troubleshoots, and repairs. Post-repair, technicians conduct load testing and calibration to manufacturer specifications. All services are performed after customer approval.




Hipotronics Repair

Hipotronics is a company known for manufacturing electrical test equipment, primarily focusing on high voltage testing and measurement devices. Some of their key products include:
  1. Hipot Testers (Dielectric Strength Testers): These instruments test the electrical insulation of components and systems by applying high voltage to check for breakdown or leakage.
  2. Insulation Testers: Used to measure the resistance of electrical insulation, ensuring that it is sufficient to protect against electrical leakage.
  3. Cable Fault Locators: Devices used to identify faults or breaks in underground cables without the need for excavation.
  4. Transformer Testers: Equipment designed to test the condition and performance of transformers, ensuring they meet operational standards.
  5. Partial Discharge Testers: Used to detect partial discharges within insulation materials, which can indicate potential weaknesses or faults.
  6. High Voltage Power Supplies: These provide the necessary high voltage for various testing applications, ensuring reliable and accurate measurements.
Hipotronics products are essential in industries such as power generation, transmission and distribution, manufacturing, and electrical maintenance, where ensuring the integrity and safety of electrical systems is critical.
Hipotronics Repair


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