Omicron CIBANO 500 Circuit Breaker Tester Repair

June Company Industrial Services offers repair and calibration for the Omicron CIBANO 500 circuit breaker test system. Request a repair quotation via the Omicron Quick Quote Form, with responses typically within an hour. We provide standard and rush repair services, as well as calibration, domestically and internationally. Upon receiving your Omicron CIBANO 500, a certified electronic technician will evaluate it and provide a formal quotation after approval. Services include disassembly, cleaning, troubleshooting, and restoration to manufacturer specifications. All Omicron repair and calibration services require customer approval before execution.


June Company Industrial Services offers Omicron CIBANO 500 repair and calibration services for the circuit breaker test system. To request a repair quotation, complete the Omicron Quick Quote Form for a prompt response, usually within an hour. Standard and rush repair services, along with calibration, are available in the United States and internationally. Upon receiving your Omicron CIBANO 500, a certified electronic technician will assess the instrument and provide a formal quotation. Approved quotations lead to disassembly, cleaning, troubleshooting, and repair by a certified electronics technician. Final repairs include load testing and calibration to manufacturer specifications, all performed after customer approval.




Omicron Repair

Omicron Electronics is a renowned manufacturer of test and diagnostic equipment primarily for the electrical power industry. Their products are designed to ensure the reliability, efficiency, and safety of electrical power systems. Some of Omicron's key products and their functionalities include:
  1. Protection Relay Test Sets: Omicron offers advanced test sets for testing and verifying the performance of protection relays in electrical substations and power systems. These sets simulate fault conditions and measure relay response times to ensure reliable operation and protection of equipment.
  2. Power Transformer Testing Equipment: Omicron manufactures equipment specifically designed for comprehensive testing of power transformers. This includes diagnostic testing such as sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA), insulation diagnosis, and dynamic resistance measurement (DRM) to assess the condition and health of transformers.
  3. Circuit Breaker Test Equipment: They provide test equipment for analyzing and testing the performance of circuit breakers, including timing tests, motion analysis, and contact resistance measurements. Proper testing ensures that circuit breakers operate correctly during fault conditions.
  4. Power Quality Analyzers: Omicron's power quality analyzers monitor and analyze various parameters of electrical power quality, such as voltage fluctuations, harmonics, flicker, and power factor. These tools help identify and diagnose power quality issues that can affect equipment performance and reliability.
  5. Digital Fault Recorders: Instruments used to record and analyze power system disturbances and faults. Digital fault recorders capture waveform data and event records to analyze the causes of faults and disturbances in electrical networks.
  6. Network Analyzers: Omicron offers network analyzers that provide detailed analysis of communication networks and protocols used in electrical substations and industrial automation systems. These analyzers help ensure efficient and reliable communication between devices and systems.
  7. Software Solutions: Omicron provides software solutions that integrate with their hardware products to enhance testing capabilities, automate test procedures, and analyze test results. This includes diagnostic software for interpreting test data and generating reports.
Omicron's products are widely used by utilities, industrial facilities, and service providers involved in the maintenance, testing, and monitoring of electrical power systems. They contribute significantly to improving the reliability, safety, and efficiency of electrical infrastructure worldwide.


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