Phenix Technologies 475-20 Hipot Tester Repair

June Company Industrial Services offers expert Phenix Technologies 475-20 repair and ISO 17025 calibration services for the Phenix Technologies 475-20 portable DC hipot tester. Please fill out our Phenix Technologies Quick Quote Form and a helpful customer service associate will respond within the hour in most cases

Phenix Technologies Repair


Phenix Technologies 475-20 Repair

June Company Industrial Services offers expert repair and calibration for Phenix Technologies 475-20 portable DC hipot testers. For a repair quotation, complete the Phenix Technologies Quick Quote Form, and a responsive customer service associate will typically respond within an hour. Standard and rush repair services, along with ISO 17025 calibration, are available. Upon receiving your Phenix Technologies 475-20, a technician evaluates the instrument and provides a formal quotation. After approval, a certified electronics technician disassembles, cleans, troubleshoots, and repairs the unit. Post-repairs, certified electronics technicians load test and calibrate the hipot tester to manufacturer specifications. All services are performed after customer approval.



Phenix Technologies Repair

Phenix Technologies Repair


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