ETI PI-5000 Primary Injection Tester Repair

June Company’s repair process not only focuses on restoring functionality but also maintains the ruggedness and user-friendly features that make the ETI PI-5000 Gen2 stand out. This test set’s two-piece modular design provides unparalleled flexibility for testing in confined spaces, such as basements or rooftop locations. Moreover, our repair services ensure that the steel enclosure remains clear of protruding components, the full-width handles with provisions for lifting hooks are intact, and the locking swivel casters provide ease of mobility. You can trust June Company to keep your ETI PI-5000 Gen2 in top-notch condition for your critical testing needs. For more information and assistance, please fill out our Service Request Form, and one of our service specialists will be in touch with you promptly.


June Company specializes in the repair of the ETI PI-5000 Gen2, a robust and user-friendly high-current primary injection test set. Our repair services focus on maintaining the steel enclosure free of protruding components, ensuring intact full-width handles with lifting hook provisions, and guaranteeing smooth mobility with locking swivel casters. Count on June Company to keep your ETI PI-5000 Gen2 in optimal condition for your crucial testing requirements. For further information and assistance, kindly complete our Service Request Form, and our service specialists will promptly reach out to you.


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