Associated Research 8206 Safety Tester Repair

June Company specializes in repairing and calibrating electrical safety compliance testers such as the Associated Research OMNIA II 8206. Our experienced technicians adeptly diagnose and resolve issues that may arise with these instruments, utilizing access to necessary schematics and documentation to ensure precise repairs aligned with manufacturer specifications. Moreover, our calibration procedures guarantee that the tester’s measurements meet accuracy standards set by the industry. With a dedication to quality, precision, and efficiency, we restore your Associated Research OMNIA II 8206 to peak performance, delivering reliable and accurate results for your electrical safety testing requirements. For more information, please complete our Service Request Form, and a service specialist will promptly assist you.


The Associated Research OMNIA II 8206, a versatile electrical safety compliance tester, is crucial for ensuring product safety. June Company excels in repairing and calibrating this tester, with skilled technicians addressing issues precisely. With access to schematics and documentation, we perform repairs according to manufacturer specifications. Our commitment to quality ensures the OMNIA II 8206 is restored to optimal performance for reliable and accurate electrical safety testing. Complete our Service Request Form for further details and prompt assistance.


Associated Research Repair

Associated Research is a leading manufacturer of electrical safety compliance testing instruments. Their products are widely used across various industries to ensure that electrical products meet safety standards and regulatory requirements. Here’s an overview of some of their key products and what they do:

1. Hipot Testers

  • Description: Hipot (high potential) testers are used to test the insulation of electrical devices by applying high voltage and measuring leakage current.
  • Applications: Ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical insulation in products like appliances, cables, and medical devices.
  • Popular Models: Hypot® Series, Hypot®ULTRA

2. Ground Bond Testers

  • Description: Ground bond testers verify the integrity of the grounding system by measuring the resistance between the ground pin and conductive parts of a device.
  • Applications: Testing the effectiveness of ground connections in electrical devices to prevent electric shock.
  • Popular Models: OMNIA II, Hypot®MAX

3. Insulation Resistance Testers

  • Description: These instruments measure the resistance of an insulating material to ensure it can effectively prevent current flow.
  • Applications: Verifying the insulation quality in motors, cables, transformers, and other electrical equipment.
  • Popular Models: Hypot®ULTRA, Hypot®MAX

4. Functional Run Testers

  • Description: Functional run testers evaluate the performance of electrical devices under normal operating conditions.
  • Applications: Checking the operational functionality of devices such as appliances, power supplies, and electronic products.
  • Popular Models: OMNIA II

5. Multi-Function Electrical Safety Testers

  • Description: These testers combine multiple safety tests such as hipot, ground bond, insulation resistance, and leakage current tests in one unit.
  • Applications: Comprehensive safety testing for a wide range of electrical products in manufacturing and compliance environments.
  • Popular Models: OMNIA II

6. Leakage Current Testers

  • Description: Measure the leakage current that flows through or across the insulation of an electrical device.
  • Applications: Ensuring that leakage current levels are within safe limits to prevent electric shock.
  • Popular Models: Hypot®ULTRA, OMNIA II

7. Portable Testers

  • Description: Compact, portable devices designed for on-site electrical safety testing.
  • Applications: Field testing and maintenance of electrical safety in various environments such as construction sites, service centers, and manufacturing floors.
  • Popular Models: Hypot® Series, Hypot®ULTRA

8. Automated Test Systems

  • Description: Integrated systems that automate the process of electrical safety testing, increasing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Applications: High-volume production environments where consistent and rapid testing is required.
  • Popular Models: SC6540 Series, AUTOLINK™ Software


Associated Research products are critical for ensuring that electrical devices meet safety standards and are safe for consumer use, helping manufacturers maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and enhancing product reliability.
Associated Research Repair


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