Associated Research 7720 Compliance Tester Repair

June Company has a strong reputation for repairing and calibrating electrical safety compliance testers like the Associated Research HypotMAX 7720. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and resolving issues that may arise with these complex instruments. We have access to technical documentation and resources that enable us to perform meticulous repairs following the manufacturer’s specifications. To obtain further details, kindly complete our Service Request Form, and a service specialist will promptly assist you.


The Associated Research HypotMAX 7720, a sophisticated electrical safety compliance tester for various industries, specializes in high-voltage insulation resistance and dielectric withstand testing. Equipped with advanced features, it ensures products withstand operational stresses without posing safety risks. June Company excels in repairing and calibrating such testers, leveraging experienced technicians and precise repairs. For further details, complete our Service Request Form, and a specialist will assist you promptly.


Associated Research Repair

Associated Research Repair


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