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Lambda Z+ Series Power Supply Repair

Lambda Z+ Series Power Supply Repair

June Company Industrial Services service engineers and electronic technicians offer professional TDK Lambda Z Plus Series power supply repair service. In fact, we offer international repair and calibration service for many models from many manufacturers test equipment. To receive a TDK Lambda Z Plus Series power supply repair service quotation, simply fill out the Preen Power Quick Quote form and a knowledgeable customer service associate will respond to you as soon as possible.

TDK Lambda Power Supply Repair & ISO Calibration Services


TDK Lambda Z Plus Series Power Supply Repair


ManufacturerModel NumberRated Power (Watts)Output Voltage (V)Output Current (A)Construction
TDK LambdaZ10-202000-100-202U
TDK LambdaZ20-102000-200-102U
TDK LambdaZ100-22000-1000-22U
TDK LambdaZ160-1.32080-1600-1.32U
TDK LambdaZ320-0.652080-3200-.652U
TDK LambdaZ650-0.322080-6500-.322U
TDK LambdaZ60-3.52100-600-3.52U
TDK LambdaZ36-62160-360-62U
TDK LambdaZ10-404000-100-402U
TDK LambdaZ20-204000-200-202U
TDK LambdaZ100-44000-1000-42U
TDK LambdaZ160-2.64160-1600-2.62U
TDK LambdaZ320-1.34160-3200-1.32U
TDK LambdaZ650-0.644160-6500-.642U
TDK LambdaZ60-74200-600-72U
TDK LambdaZ36-124320-360-122U
TDK LambdaZ10-606000-100-602U
TDK LambdaZ20-306000-200-302U
TDK LambdaZ60-106000-600-102U
TDK LambdaZ100-66000-1000-62U
TDK LambdaZ160-46400-1600-42U
TDK LambdaZ320-26400-3200-22U
TDK LambdaZ36-186480-360-182U
TDK LambdaZ650-16500-6500-12U
TDK LambdaZ10-727200-100-722U
TDK LambdaZ20-408000-200-402U
TDK LambdaZ100-88000-1000-82U
TDK LambdaZ160-58000-1600-52U
TDK LambdaZ320-2.58000-3200-2.52U
TDK LambdaZ650-1.25812.50-6500-1.252U
TDK LambdaZ375-2.28250-3750-2.22U
TDK LambdaZ60-148400-600-142U
TDK LambdaZ36-248640-360-242U


TDK Lambda Power Supply Repair & ISO Calibration

TDK Lambda Power Supply Repair & ISO Calibration Services


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