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Baur Insulating OilTest Instrument Repair

June Company has a vast understanding with insulating oil testing instruments, oil test set repair because we understand the electronics behind these instruments. Our technicians and engineers have rebuilt hundreds of these meters and stock most of the parts to make these repairs have a quick turnaround so our customers can get back to work.

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Baur Cable Fault Locator Repair Services

June Company repairs cable fault locator instruments as well as power fault locating systems. Different manufacturers have different names for the instruments but we treat them all the same. We know reliability and safety for the end user is crucial so our technicians go a step further and test the cabling and perform hi-pot tests to the instrument during the repair process.

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Baur Cable Testing Instrument Repair

Cable testing is very important in our industry and trusting the meter is just as important. After every cable test meter repair our technicians perform a load test and take periodic readings for accuracy and reliability. We know once in the field these instruments take a beating and our technician take rigorous steps strengthen the chassis of the meters so they can withstand the rough field service conditions

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Baur portable VLF Testing Meter Repair


VLF testing is usually high voltage and very precise. Both area’s of expertise for our technicians and engineers. Our test facility is capable of testing up to 800kV and have calibration standards that meet NIST measurements and are ISO compliant world wide. Two major results during the repair process is accuracy and reliability.

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